It all started when Tim Petersen and his two sons, wanted to feed their own pets something decent. Not the typical pet food with added fillers and emulsifiers – things that could actually compromise the health of pets.

Tim hunted for just the right pet food. Having been a pet food distributor he knew just where to look, but was disappointed when he still couldn’t find exactly what he wanted. Eventually, he got fed up and decided to make his own. It was a pretty Wild idea. Imagine starting a family business making pet food that was natural and grain-free–with added vitamins and minerals–and that actually promoted the health of dogs and cats!?! Amazing!

The formulation of our diets took years, but we figure it was worth the wait, because…well, we love our pets. And dogs and cats love meat. So our line of canned dog and cat food is 96% meat. That’s a lot of meat. For good measure, we threw in some vitamins and minerals dogs and cats need. Zinc, copper and iron. Yep. We were pretty proud.

But even we were surprised when we introduced our new Wild Calling canned dog and cat food. We didn’t expect re-orders so fast. We didn’t expect distributors to be calling us. But that’s what happened. It was like a stampede. Maybe we hit a nerve. Maybe we found a niche in the industry. Maybe we’re the wildest pet food company out there.