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Wild Stories

Testimonials and stories from our friends – like you!

  • “One of my cats has inflammatory bowel disease, causing him to have chronic diarrhea, which in turn caused him to make messes all over my house. Or at least it did. I had tried everything other than steroids, which was going to have to be my next step, until I found this food. I have done a lot of research, and most of it suggested that a raw food diet would solve my cat’s problem. The trouble is, the poor fellow also has next to no teeth – making a raw diet impossible to eat for him. My poor kitty! I was at a loss, until I discovered this brand of food. 96% meat, I read on the can. From animals like ducks and rabbits, which is what I had read I should be trying to feed to my cat raw. I figured that if he can’t eat the raw food, than a canned food which is made up of 96% meat from the type of animals he would naturally eat in the wild might be the next best thing. I cannot believe the difference this food has made. I took my cats off dry food completely, and I feed them Wild Calling twice a day. Both of their coats are incredible, so soft and shiny. But most importantly, my poor sick cat isn’t sick anymore! It’s now been two whole weeks since he’s had any diarrhea, and he is able to make it to the litter box every time now. His stool is more solid than it’s been in years, to the point where I can’t distinguish between it and my healthy cat’s stool. I can’t tell you how happy this has made me and my cat. This product has been a miracle for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Now how about making some tasty healthy affordable treats for cats?? ;)”

    – Liz
  • “Our pet store just received their test order of your product. Since we are very good customers she sent two cans of cat food home with us to test. One salmon, which we assumed both cats would enjoy, and one of the buffalo, just out of curiosity. We have one very picky cat, and one somewhat picky cat. Both of our cats devoured the salmon, and very surprisingly, both also devoured the buffalo! It is great to have another good for our kitties around that both of them like.”

    – Angie
  • “I just got our first case of your Western Plains (beef) dog food. My dogs love it and I love it! I care for 15 geriatric, special needs and hospice pugs in my home and needless to say they get a lot of pills and supplements and I can chill a can of this and it comes out the perfect consistency for making “pill balls” that they gobble down because the food tastes so good! I will definitely be ordering a lot more!

    Thank you very much and the pugs here at the Rusty Pug Retirement Ranch thank you as well.”

    – Pug Rescue
  • “My dog is a very picky eater. I went from Nature Variety Raw, Natural Balance and Taste of the Wild. Somewhere in between those my dog had vomiting and diarrhea issues. The problem was getting worse to the point where he would not even go near his food. I was getting worried.

    Thankfully, I believe it was the store owner, she gave me a free sample of Wild Calling and said they’re a new company, and local. Which is a bonus, Because I love supporting local businesses. anyways, I laid down a bowl of wild calling mixed with dried food and I noticed a difference with my dog. He was more excited and bolted straight for the bowl and WOW. He cleaned the bowl and licked it clean. Daddy was very pleased to see that.. My dog also seems to have more pep in his step and his fur is softer.

    Thanks guys, You given me one less thing to worry about. Keep up the great work!”

    – Lee
  • “My one Aussie has allergies and does best on a grain/gluten/chicken free diet. I’ve tried numerous foods, but he is quite picky. I have to tell you that my picky dog absolutely loves your canned food! Thanks for a great product!”

    – Carrie
  • “My local pet store just started to carry your food and suggested I give it a try on my cats. I decided to take the pheasant, the rabbit and the salmon home. I opened the cans (not fast enough for their liking I might add) and practically got mauled. Needless to say they like it and I will definitely be purchasing more of your food. I usually buy a few different brands of food that are much more expensive. I like the fact that the cats like this and it doesn’t break the bank to feed them nutritious food without cheap fillers and by-products. Thanks for making food we pet parents know is safe to feed and for not outsourcing your stuff from China!”

    – Lynn
  • “I recently purchased your canned cat food varieties for my 6 kitties, I am a huge proponent of health, wellness & appropriate nutrition. So far, the varieties I have fed have been a big hit! I hope to find your foods at my local pet store soon. Thank you!”

    – Tracey
  • “Just started feeding your food to our 2 senior Jack Russell’s and they LOVE LOVE it. I love the ingredients and love the variety , Thank you for making a great and delicious food they love!”

    – Kerri
  • “My cats absolutely love this food! My older cat is 15 and has renal failure so we try to feed her canned food for the moisture, but she is extremely picky. However she LOVED this food especially the pheasant and went back for more! Thank you for making a great cat food that our cats love!”

    – Megan
  • “Tried out the shepherds choice with my food sensitive & extremely finicky Shiba Inu and he gobbled it up! No stomach issues or bad gas and nice solid poop, which I love. 96% meat, grain free, gluten free, great packaging design, & at a price point lower than the rest in its class? Im in! My dog and I enjoyed the product so much we decided to sell it in our store here at Friends Fur-Ever Pet Food located in Walnut, Ca.”

    – Garret
  • “We love your products! My feral cat is a huge main coon cat and she eats the pheasant and duck while purring :)”

    – Heidi
  • “Our cat loves this stuff! Usually, when switching her food – and just on and off in general – she has diarrhea. I decided to give her a 1/4 of Wild Calling without mixing in her normal food to see if she would like it. I was expecting to see major runny poops, and… I didn’t! I was, and still am ecstatic! She has never had a happy stomach for this long! I even plan on raving to our cat vet at our next checkup. Thank you so much for making me and my wonderful cat happy:)”

    – Emily
  • “I purchased Wild Calling’s rabbit for dogs – Hoppy – because of the ingredients. My dogs are allergic to chicken, one has dry skin, and they are picky eaters to boot! I read every line of every new brand I consider buying. Wild Calling is perfect! Good meat, oils, vitamins, nutrients, etc! When I put it down for the dogs to eat, it took them two seconds to decide it was a favorite! They are pictures of health! My vet is pleased, but nearly as pleased as I am! The reasonable price for this product is a bonus! Wild Calling makes a superb product! Thank you soooo much!”

    – Michelle
  • “When my cat was diagnosed with IBD I was told to find a novel protein and switch him over. Easier said than done! I was online ordering cans of every brand of novel protein I could find. He turned up his nose at all of them (what an expensive waste!) until I tried the Wild Calling! He will eat both the rabbit and buffalo! What a winner!! Not only does my cat like it, but it is the least expensive of all the acceptable foods I’ve tried. What a bonus! Thanks for such a great product.”

    – Teresa
  • “I can’t wait till the kibble comes out. My dogs love the canned and are doing well on it.”

    – Roxanne
  • “I ran into this cat food product about a month ago while trying to find a healthy cat food that was grain free/gluten free/no preservatives, colors, etc and saw this. I bought several flavors home to try and my cats absolutely love this product. Both of my cats have stopped shedding, their coats are healthy & shiny and they love every flavor (Jumping Salmon, Magic Meadow, Inland Waters, Cowabunga……well just everyone of them). I don’t think there is a better cat food out there.”

    – Shirley
  • “I have to say that I have begun feeding my German Shepherd your new Wild Calling natural dog food. The Elk Whitefish and Turkey recipe. My dog absolutely loves it. He seems to need less volume of food per feeding as it is more nutrient rich. He loves it so much that I can actually use the kibble for treats! Done with the old poor quality over priced dog food from the chain pet stores. I also love the fact that I can rotate this compatible medley of food recipes for my dog. Thank you so much we’re both very pleased with your new product!”

    – Rick
  • “I found your food at our local pet health food store. My dog loves all the flavors Iv’e tried with him so far and he's a picky kind of dog. Were both hooked on your quality product. Keep up the great work.”

    – Dean
  • “My cat was eating a canned food that contained all kinds of crap, including grains…I then tried blue wilderness and it was great for a while but a recent batch made my cat sick. Instead of sticking with the old grain brand, I wanted to get a grain-free, protein canned food and this was the only one that didn’t contain a bunch of crazy fillers. So, my cat tried it just a little while ago and she went crazy for it! I added a few dry kibbles and she just ate around them, which is totally new! I’m so happy I grabbed this brand of cat food.”

    – Ashley
  • “I also have a cat with IBD who is allergic to chicken and fish. I have been feeding a prescription food with rabbit, but it had to many other ingredients and was causing a flare up. I thought raw was my only option, but he refused to eat it. I recently found Wild Calling when I was about to give up. He LOVES the rabbit (haven’t tried other flavors yet). We has not had a case of diarrhea since starting this food. It had been such a challenge finding a food without added chicken or fish that he would eat. Please don’t stop making this food!”

    – Michael
  • “Just wanted to tell you my dogs LOVE your food and I noticed a real difference in their coats! Thank you for this great food.”

    – Robin
  • “My dog Kevin loves waiting for his Wild Calling. We discovered your food two weeks ago and our lives have been better since then. It no longer takes Kevin all day to eat his food. Kevin eats your food within 15 minutes, so we have more time for the park and walks. I do have another goldendoodle, Sophi, and she also likes your food. Sophi is a 4 month old puppy. Kevin is well know at the dog shops for being very picky and the employees are surprised when I tell them I found a food Kevin likes.”

    – Dana
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